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Established in 1965 as the Information Systems department of General Electric. GXS, actively provides electronic data interchange service to 75% of global Fortune 500 companies. In 2014, Opentext announced the acquisition of GXS strengthening OpenText leadership in EIM by extending Enterprise Information Management beyond a single enterprise.

Opentext | GXS is the global market leader in B2B integration services, processing over 14 billion transactions per year representing trillions of dollars in electronic commerce.
MAP  has been an exclusive partner of GXS since 1997. For more information please visit

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Data Interchange was founded in 1986 as a five-person subsidiary of Perkins Engines (which is now owned by Caterpillar). Data Interchange led the very first OFTP implementation for the automotive industry. Since the 1990s, Data Interchange continues to be the leading B2B integrator for automotive and still leads sector trends of the global market.

MAP is an exclusive partner of Data Interchange since 2006 and is responsible for sales, implementation and support of Data Interchange products in Turkey such as DARWIN, ODEX ve XLATE.
For more information about Data Interchange, please visit

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