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Darwin is our standalone order processing solution that is perfect for SMEs. Darwin provides everything you need out of the box to fully comply with your customers’ EDI processes. Darwin, fully compliant with the OFTP2 specifications, has also been certified by ODETTE (the European EDI standards body) as being fully compatible and interoperable with other ODETTE-certified OFTP2 solutions.

Designed specifically for small and medium size enterprises

Darwin lets you connect to your customers to easily receive and process EDI orders and forecasts, and quickly send back EDI despatch advices and invoices.

Everything you need to start using EDI with your customers

EDI message support – orders, forecasts, invoices, despatch advices (ASNs) etc
Built in OFTP2 communications (Odette certified)
Preconfigured customers – start trading with your customers immediately
Print transport and shipping labels and reports
Automated order turn around and despatch creation
Integrate EDI messages with your ERP system

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