Meet our experts to ease your business integrations enriched with our 20 years of experience.

Odex Enterprise is a class-leading communications and workflow business integration solution, for businesses of all sizes. With Odex you can exchange messaging with trading partners, map trading partner files to your internal file formats and integrate with internal systems. Odex is also compliant with Turkish e-invoice specifications and can be directly connected to GIB.

One platform, many uses

Odex is a versatile integration solution with many uses. You can use it as your EDI gateway to your supply chain, integrate your ERP system with your customers, send payroll information to the Inland Revenue, to move files between internal systems or to transfer large volumes of data. If it involves moving files between systems and tracking and tracing them, then Odex is the solution.

GIB Certified e-invoice engine for Turkey

Odex having tens of years in e-invoicing internationally, has been specifically adapted to Turkish Tax Office regulations and has been certified since 2014. This module is only a local adaptation of a tested robust solution of years. The Invoicing Server Software is capable of sending, receiving and archiving e-invoices that can comply all sizes of institutional requirements.
Odex E-Invoice  involves integrated security modules to sign, seal and envelope invoices complying with UBL-TR specifications using Advances Electronic Signiture of XAdEE XML standards.

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