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A Financial Services Group responsible for defining the Cash Management Balance Reporting Specifications. BAI1 and subsequently BAI2 were defined as the basis for agreement between a bank and its corporate customer on how data from the bank’s account processing software would be communicated to the customer’s account processing software.
Bar Code
An array of’ rectangular marks and spaces in a predetermined pattern. Usually used for automatic product or shipment identification.
Batch Control Totals
Ensures that batch processing has been performed correctly by comparing output to currency or quantity totals, record or document counts, or hash totals.
Batch Processing
The processing of computer information after it has accumulated in one group or batch.
The rate at which the signal changes when data is transmitted. It is often the same as the number of bits per second.
Bill of Lading
A document that is used by a vendor and a freight carrier that describes the freight classification of the goods being shipped by the vendor.
A system of numerical notation in which only the values of 0 and 1 are used.
A communication protocol whereby messages are sent as blocks of characters. The blocks of data are checked for completeness and accuracy by the receiving computer.
Business Document
A set of information components that are interchanged as part of a business activity.
Business Partner
The entity with which EDI business documents are exchanged. This may be either the sender or the receiver of information in EDI.
Business Partner Agreement
In RosettaNet, Business Partner Agreements contain the general contract terms and conditions, participant roles (buyers, sellers), communication and security protocols, and business processes (valid actions, sequencing rules, etc.). Extensible Markup Language-based Business Partner Agreement documents capture the essential information upon which business partners must agree in order for their applications and business processes to communicate.
Business Process
A set of related activities that, when correctly performed, will satisfy an explicit business goal.
Business Process Modelling
Also called ‘as is’ modelling, a component of the RosettaNet concept development used to identify the elements of a business process and create a clearly defined model of business partner interfaces as they exist today.
Business to Business (B2B)
The practice of buying and selling between companies through the use of electronic transactions.
Business to Business (B2B) Integration
The secured coordination of business information among companies and their information.
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