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The Common EDI Forum, which has developed a set of message implementation guidelines for the UK’s grocery industry.
Also known as UN/CEFACT. The United Nations Center for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business.
A term used to describe how items such as products are grouped.
Clearing House
A third party used for centralizing the sending and receiving of electronic messages or documents between business partners. Messages/documents are held by the third party until the receiver is available to receive them.
Communication Software
Programs that allow computers to communicate through modems. Some are capable of automatic communications, such as auto-dial and auto-answer.
The means of electronically linking two computers to exchange information.
Compliance Checking
Checking process used to ensure that a transmission complies with ANSI X12 syntax rules (US).
Conditional (C)
A data element requirement designator that indicates that the presence of a specified data element is dependent on the value or presence of other data elements in the segment. The condition must be stated and must be able to be computer-processed.
A notification that the transmission has been received by the intended receiver. [See also Functional Acknowledgment].
Consumer Packaged Goods
Consumer packaged goods are consumable goods such as food, beverages, footwear, and apparel, tobacco, and cleaning products.
Continuous Replenishment Program
The concept of continuous supply of goods between supplier and business partner based on automated exchange of current demand, inventory, and stock management information, within the framework of an agreed supply policy. The aim of continuous replenishment is to achieve a responsive and precise flow of product to the store with minimum stock holding and handling.
A message which is the EDIFACT equivalent of the Functional Acknowledgement (FA).
Control Envelope
Used to validate the receipt of correct and complete data.
Control Number
Also known as reference number. An identification number used to distinguish a standard data element (data element identifier) or a standard segment (segment identifier).
Control Segment
A control segment that has the same structure as a data segment but is used for transferring control information for grouping data segments.
Control Structure
The beginning and end (header and trailer) segments for entities in EDI.
Control Validation
Confirmation that information within the control segments is correct.
Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment. An industry initiative focused on improving the partnership between manufacturers and distributors/retailers through shared information.
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