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Data Element
One or more data items, forming a unit or piece of information as defined in the data dictionary of a system of EDI Standards, and contained in an EDI message or transaction set. The term “data element” is often abbreviated as “DE” followed immediately by the data element number (i.e., data element 128 would be abbreviated as DE128) in some texts.
Data Element, Composite
Two or more related data items separated by a delimiter character, grouped together to form a unit or piece of information as defined in the data dictionary of a system of EDI Standards, and contained in an EDI message or transaction set.
Data pool
a GDSN-compliant mechanism for business partners to share and synchronize data. As well as storing product data, a data pool provides the necessary functions and workflow to communicate with the GLOBALRegistry and with other data pools.
Data Segment
Intermediate unit of information in a message. A segment consists of a pre-defined set of functionally related data elements which are identified by sequential position within the set.
Data Segment Directory
Publication that shows the format of all segments in the standard.
Data Synchronization
Data synchronization is the electronic transfer of standardized product and location information between business partners and the continuous synchronization of that data over time.
The translation of scrambled or secretly coded data at the receiving end of an encrypted transmission (See also Encryption).
Dedicated Line
A point-to-point line in a data communication system between two computer devices that is always connected.
Default Settings
Instructions to a computer, automatically establishing standard configurations at the time of log on. They eliminate the need to reconfigure at each sitting.
Delivery Forecast message.
Integral part of the transferred data stream, they consist of two levels of separators and a terminator. Delimiters are specified in the interchange header. From highest to lowest level, the separators and terminator are:- segment terminator, data element separator, and component element separator (used only in EDIFACT).
Delivery Notice
European term for an ASN.
Delivery Trailer Manifest
A list of shipments contained on a less-than-truckload trailer ready for delivery. The list includes information relevant to the delivery of the shipments loaded in the trailer, such as pro number, equipment identification and date available.
Delivery Just in Time message.
Data Encryption Standard. One of a number of standards for securing data during transmission by encrypting it.
Dispatch Advice Message.
Digital Certificate
A computer-based record or electronic message issued by an entity that (1) identifies the entity issuing it; (2) names or identifies a certificate holder; (3) contains the public key of the certificate holder; (4) identifies the certificate’s validity period and (5) is digitally signed by the entity issuing it.
Digital Signature
An electronic signature that can be used to authenticate the identity of the sender of a message and via the encrypted document digest, to ensure that the original content of the data that has been sent is unchanged.
Direct Connect EDI
A form of EDI which does rely on an intermediary, see point-to-point.
Data Interchange Standards Association. The trade organization that acts as secretariat for ANSI ASC X12 and the Pan-American EDIFACT Board in the United States.
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