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Enterprise Application Integration. A term used to describe software tools that support integrating applications across a company or enterprise.
International Article Numbering Association.
A subset of EDIFACT messages, developed by GS1, to allow business partners to exchange commercial documents in a simple, accurate and cost effective manner.
ebXML Messaging Services. The secure, reliable method of transmitting electronic data defined as part of the ebXML specifications. It can use a variety of low level transmission protocols including HTTP and SMTP.
A standard for an e-business framework that enables enterprises of any size, in any location to meet and conduct business electronically. Developed under the auspices of OASIS and UN/CEFACT
See Electronic Data Interchange.
EDI over the Internet
A protocol for exchange of information in a decentralized, distributed environment designed by the Internet Engineering Task Force. Originally developed to transmit Electronic Data Interchange via email over the Internet. Applicability Statement 1, the first version, used Simple Mail Transport Protocol as the transport protocol, bouncing direction to get to the end connection. Applicability Statement 2, the current version, uses Hypertext Transport Protocol to build a tunnel to the recipient address, establishes the connection, and then sends the information in a secured environment assuring the sender of receipt.
EDI Translation
The conversion of application data to and from a standard format.
EDI Translator
Computer software used to perform the conversion of application data to and from a standard. Usually licensed rather than developed in-house. May have subsystems for mapping, auditing, and document management.
Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce and Transport. The international EDI Standard as developed through the United Nations.
B2B industry group in high tech and electronics industries in Europe. Also EDIFACT EDI standard subset for those industries.
The trade standards body for the global book and serials supply chains.
Transaction document formats in XML that mirror and extend the functionality of existing X12, TRADACOMS and EDIFACT messages for the book trade and library sectors.
EFT (Electronic funds transfer)
Electronic payment in which funds are transferred between bank accounts at different financial institutions.
Japanese EDI standard.
Electronic Commerce
Conducting business between computers through the use of digital exchange.
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
The computer-to-computer transfer of business transaction information using standard, industry-accepted message formats.
Electronic Mail
The process of sending, receiving, storing, and/or forwarding messages in digital form via telecommunication.
The smallest item of information in the standard.
Element Delimiter
Single character delimiter; follows the segment identifier and each data element in a segment except the last.
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