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A collection of related records treated as a basic unit of storage in a computer system.
File Structure
The format into which a file is arranged by the computer, so that the information it contains can be retrieved on demand.
File, flat
A computer file where all the information is run together in a single character string.
The SWIFT FIN is a message transfer based store and forward system. FIN is the main messaging mechanism used today on SWIFTNet and is used by corporates for liquidity and risk management purposes
File Transfer Protocol. A standard method of transmitting files from one computer to another over the internet.
Functional Acknowledgement
A transaction set transmitted by the receiver of an EDI transmission to the sender, indicating the receipt and syntactical acceptability of a message. It does not provide acknowledgement of the content of the message, just that the message has been successfully received and interpreted.Often abbreviated and referred to as “FA”.
Functional Group
A collection of related transaction sets. Beginning (GS) and ending (GE) segments are used to envelop a complete functional group.
Functional Group Segments (GS/GE)
These segments identify a specific functional group of documents such as purchase orders.
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