Common EDI Vocabulary

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ANSI-defined standard for interconnects between VAN (EDI) addresses.
A file storage area within a computer, usually one used by a Network Service Provider, where information is placed until it can be retrieved by the intended receiver.
A document from the vendor who is shipping goods to a customer that describes where the goods will arrive. Multiple destinations may be included.
The act of determining what pieces of information in the company’s database should be placed into each data element of an EDI message or transaction set, or in reverse, what data elements of an EDI message or transaction set should be placed into the company’s database.
A block of information in EDI making up a business transaction, or part of a business transaction.
Message Header
The service segment starting and uniquely identifying a message.
Message Standards
The system of syntax, data elements, segments and messages (transaction sets) with which EDI will be conducted.
Message Structured Diagram
The graphic display of the layout of a message.
Message Switching
The routing of a direct transfer message between computers through the services of a third-party service provider.
Message Trailer
The service segment ending a message.
Message Type
An identified and structured set of data elements covering the requirements for a specified type of transaction, e.g., an invoice.
Abbreviated form of Modulator/Demodulator. The electronic device that connects the computer to a telephone line to allow communications.
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