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Secure FTP
see SFTP.
A part of an EDI message or transaction set, made up of a number of related data elements separated by a delimiter, conveying a part of the business transaction being made.
Segment Code
A code that uniquely identifies each segment as specified in a segment directory.
Segment Delimiter Character
Marks the end of a variable-length segment.
Segment Diagram
The schematic that depicts the format and composition of a segment.
Segment Directory
A listing of the segments unique to the specific system of EDI Standards being used, and usually part of the data dictionary.
Segment Hierarchy
The order of occurrence of segments within a transaction set.
Segment Identifier
A predefined code that identifies the segment.
Segment Name
A name that identifies the segment.
Segment Qualifier
A data element that gives the segment a specific meaning.
Segment Specifications
Distinct attributes of a segment, including structure and content.
Segment Tag
A composite data element, in which the first component data element contains a code that uniquely identifies a segment as specified in the relevant segment directory. Additional component data elements can be conditionally used to indicate the hierarchical level and nesting relationship in a message and the incidence of a segment’s repetition [EDIFACT].
Segment Terminator
A special character that indicates the end of a segment
Customers can generate the invoice themselves and remit payment electronically via EDI.
The party in a business transaction who sells goods or services to a buyer for good and valuable consideration.
The party who transmits the EDI messages.
Sequence Table
A portion of a standard that indicates the possible segments, their sequence, and their attributes for each area of a transaction set.
Simple File Transfer Protocol. A network protocol that provides file transfer and manipulation functionality over any reliable data stream. It is typically used with the SSH-2 protocol to provide secure file transfer. (See also SSH).
Shipment Notification
An EDI transaction sent by the shipper of material to the receiver advising that the shipment has been sent, and providing details such as manifest, PO number, estimated time of arrival, carrier, etc.
Simple data elements
A data element containing a single value.
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