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The unique identifier used with segment and data elements.
Network protocol for the internet.
Transportation Data Coordinating Committee. This is the original EDI organization for the United States. Through its efforts, the first EDI Standards were developed, published, and maintained. It is now EDIA, and has become the national EDI user group for the United States.
Trading Data Interchange. Abbreviation for EDI common in Europe.
A party other than the sender or receiver, such as an EDI Network Services Provider or software developer, that provides goods or services – in this case in support of the exchange of EDI data.
UK EDI standard developed by GS1 (when GS1 was a different entity called ANA).
The specific segment that in simplest terms, tells the receiving computer where an individual EDI message ends.
Transaction Level Acknowledgment
Acknowledgment of receipt and totality of data in a transmission of a functional group or individual transaction set.
Transaction Set
A block of information in EDI, making up a business transaction or part of a business transaction. Outside North America, this is normally called a message.
Transaction Set Diagram
A graphic presentation in a valid transaction that specifies the sequence of segment order.
Transaction Set Header Area
Contains segment information pertinent to the total transaction set.
Transaction Set Header Segment
Signifies the beginning of a transaction set.
Transaction set ID
An identifier that uniquely identifies the transaction set. This identifier is the first data element of the transaction set header segment.
Transaction Set Level
The processing of a transaction set, including sending and receiving.
Transaction Set Line Item Area
Encompasses the actual business transaction set and includes information, such as quantities, descriptions and prices.
Transaction Set Standards
The system of syntax, data elements, segments, and transaction sets (messages) with which EDI will be conducted.
Transaction Set Summary Area
Contains control information and other data that relate to the total transaction.
Transaction Set Trailer Segment
Signifies the end of a transaction set.
The process of converting information to and from EDI standard formats.
A program used to convert information from flat file to EDI format, or from EDI format to flat file.
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